Since opening our first specialized animation production studio in 2002, the member artists of the Toronto Animated Image Society (TAIS) have made hundreds of artworks, films and videos in our studios. Over these 18 years, TAIS has also commissioned dozens of new animation art works, helped hundreds of aspiring animators learn new skills, and connected with audiences large and small in Toronto and beyond.
With our ever growing membership, TAIS’ contribution to Canada’s animation art production is increasingly significant. Your donations go directly towards supporting artists by allowing us to keep our studio rates accessible and affordable, and to offer intensive residency programs that give artists the time and resources they need to start new productions or finish their innovative artistic projects. With your support TAIS can continue to help artists make work and bring their work to the world.
As a Charitable Not-For-Profit Organization, TAIS appreciates and recognizes your donations and support. Your contributions are essential to the continuing success of TAIS as a unique and important centre for the creation of independent animation in Canada. For your generous donation, TAIS is happy to provide you with a charitable receipt for tax purposes.
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