Our Mission

Our Mission

TAIS is dedicated to the art of independent animation.

Our vision is shaped by our support for the ever-broadening multidisciplinary and global context of the animated arts. As the only centre of our kind in the city and province, TAIS’ artistic vision is decidedly community-driven.
Annually, our public programming presents animation to audiences via screenings, exhibition, web, and through artist talks and studio visits with guest artists. We regularly partner with other groups and organizations to connect with new audiences and to inspire artists to explore animation in their artistic practice.
The focus of TAIS artistic vision is on offering artists at all stages of development the opportunity to show their work and access production resources so that they can contribute to the expanding boundaries of animation as a discipline through creation. The ongoing focus of our centre is to support innovation, experimentation, stylistic diversity and skills development in independent animation practices within a contemporary arts context.

History of TAIS

Founded in 1984, The Toronto Animated Image Society initially began as a group for animators and animation enthusiasts to connect and share in an art form they love.

Over 33 years, TAIS has evolved into an artist-run media arts production centre with a growing membership that supports animation production, presentation, and skills development.
As a production centre, TAIS supports creation by our members and guest artists. We commission new animation through special projects and residency programs, present curated programs of animation art by artists from Toronto, across Canada, and around the world, and each year we invite guest artists to screen their work, give lectures, and teach workshops. TAIS prioritizes the involvement of artists from diverse practices, backgrounds, and communities. As part of our commitment to reaching new audiences for animation, we have presented over a dozen projects of community engagement by artists in the last 15 years. Today and into the future, TAIS seeks to present and support work by artists who reflect upon and investigate artistic (social, political, and creative) concerns and prioritize experimental production techniques inherent to contemporary forms of animated art making.

Board Members

Evan DeRushie


Eli Schwanz

Vice President

Niki Sehmbi


Gustavo Cerquera Benjumea


Kathryn Wehrle


Tobias Williams


Isaac King


Aisha Ghali


Veronica Ladico



Myfanwy Ashmore

Managing Director

Caroline O'Neill

Education & Studio Coordinator