TAIS provides professional, specialized animation production studios for artists engaged in the creation of independent animated work. Our five private studio spaces provide access to resources designed to meet the needs of artist-driven productions.
Note: Studio space bookings are only open to current TAIS Studio Members.

Studio Spaces

Studio 1 (8′x 10′) features a PC with 3D animating and rendering software as well as a VR station.
Studio 2 (10′x 10′) features an iMac, an Oxberry table fitted with a DSLR camera (16mm lens) which functions as a 2D and top-down stop motion animating station.
Studio 3 (10′x 10′) is a flex space featuring an iMac.
Studio 4 aka The Lotte Reiniger Studio (8′x 10′) features an iMac, a DSLR and a stop motion animating station.
Studio 5 (12′x 17′) is a large flex space featuring an iMac.
The Multi-Purpose Space (20’x20′) features a couch, an overhead projector and projection screen, and optional seating for 20-25 and folding tables.
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Rental Rates

TAIS has three booking rate categories available:
Self-Funded Rates are designed to be affordable and budget-friendly for independent artists with no external funding from a grant or other form of sponsorship for their project.
Funded Rates are designed to be affordable and budget-friendly for the independent production budget. This rate category is intended for independent artists with external funding from a grant or other form of sponsorship, or for those without funding who self-determine their ability to pay the funded rates.
Third Party Rates are for producer-driven projects in which an independent artist is engaged as a contract employer or employee. In these cases, the person making the reservation must be a Studio member. A Third Party studio reservation can be made no sooner than 14 days in advance of start date (inquiries are welcome up to 4-6 weeks in advance). Additional terms of use apply – contact for details.
Note: Weekend is 3-days, Friday to Sunday.

Studio Reservation Request Form

Interested in seeing what equipment is available for use in our studios?
Here’s our equipment catalogue.

Studio Production Support Program

We actively enable affordable access to resources and skills development opportunities through our Studio Production Support Program. This program allows eligible artists the opportunity to book TAIS studios at significantly reduced rates.
Those eligible include students, those who are unemployed or underemployed (in low-income jobs), or employed as a non-profit arts worker. Also eligible are exploratory animation production projects in the early stages of development that have no funding support attached (grants or sponsorship).
Artists are invited to submit a project proposal for an animation project for production using TAIS studios and resources at drastically reduced rates. Project timelines can be for a minimum of 1 week and a maximum of 4 months. All applicants will be asked to explain why TAIS Self-Funded rates are cost-prohibitive for them at this time.
Your application will be reviewed internally by TAIS Studio Production Committee within 1-2 weeks of the deadline. You will receive results within 3 weeks. Those selected for the subsidized rates offered through this program must be TAIS Studio Members in order to accept the offer.
Please email if you would like to apply for a subsidized registration. We offer up to two (2) subsidized registrations per class. Subsidy recipients will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, where the request meets basic requirements.
This program is supported by donations made to TAIS. Donate today to help keep access to resources affordable!

Terms of Use

Studio Use

acknowledging use

The use of the Toronto Animated Image Society’s equipment and studios constitutes a form of production assistance to the animator, as any production using TAIS resources is receiving subsidized access from TAIS as a publicly funded organization. As such, TAIS must be credited in the titles and/or credits, and named as “Production Centre” or “Production Partner” in all media acknowledgments and social media posts.
Please include the TAIS logo in your acknowledgements as shown in the Acknowledgement Guide. Where a logo is not appropriate, in it’s place community partners and TAIS-assisted animators may use text recognition such as “Produced with the support of the Toronto Animated Image Society” and link to our website at
  • All studio and equipment booking revenues go to support the programming and operations of TAIS.
  • Bookings allow 24hr access to the studio.
  • Bookings rates include use of a computer and production equipment in-studio only.
  • Offsite use of TAIS equipment must be booked separately.
  • Where equipment needs overlap with other studio bookings the studio manager will set a sharing schedule. Limits on use by one booking may be set by the studio manager where deemed necessary.
  • Members maintain rights to the work they create at TAIS.
  • The use of TAIS resources requires acknowledgement of TAIS for production assistance (see Acknowledging Use below)
  • Studio use of equipment and resources are prioritized for non-commercial, independent productions though we accept Third-Party rentals for commercial, non-independent and/or producer-driven productions on a case-by-case basis. 
  • Members bringing their own equipment into TAIS studios must get prior approval from the studio manager at the time of booking confirmation, and must provide a complete list of equipment being brought into the studio.
  • TAIS does not provide general technical assistance; specialized consultation can be arranged by TAIS by request
  • Members must agree to maintain the security and safety of the facility, equipment, and adhere to a code of conduct that respects the rights of all studio users, guests, staff, as well as the integrity of TAIS resources.

cancellations or modifications

Self-Funded & Funded Rate Bookings: Full refund available if booking is cancelled more than 2 days in advance of start date. No refunds available for cancellations within 2 days of start date. Additional charges may apply if booking dates are modified within 2 days of start date.

Third Party Rate Bookings: Full refund available if booking is cancelled more than 7 days in advance of start date. No refunds available for cancellations within 7 days of start date. Additional charges may apply if booking dates are modified within 7 days in advance of start date.

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