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WORKSHOP + OPEN STUDIO: Quick & Dirty Animation: Embracing DIY Methods!

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About this Event

Embrace & explore DIY animation methods

Registration closes on December 2nd, 2022

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Beginner and/or Intermediate Animators:

Everyone is welcome, no prior animation experience necessary!

About the Workshop

Animation needn’t be a confusing or tedious process–let your intuition take the front seat and embrace + explore DIY methods and tactile approaches through animating frame-by-frame in any setting.

This hands-on workshop will cover:

  • DIY camera setups
  • Creating a short animated loop with the free Stop Motion Studio app on your smartphone/tablet
  • Other accessible software and resources to help you create your own little animations with whatever tools you have at your disposal
  • Exporting your animations to share with your friends/online afterwards
  • Various ‘quick & dirty’ animation approaches, techniques, and ideas, with an emphasis on accessible ways to start, complete, and perhaps even loop your next animated gif (all in one sitting!)

You will learn to work fast and loose in real time and develop a DIY ethos with regards to problem-solving and letting your intuition explore various ways of animating.

The goal of the workshop will be to get participants, of any skill level/experience, to be more comfortable with creating low-cost + low-stakes animation on a small scale–for fun!

This three hour workshop will be followed by three hours of open studio time at TAIS for you to complete your very own ‘quick & dirty’ animation in a limited time frame and space! Some limited art & craft supplies will be available. Participants also have the option of bringing anything they’d like to work with to this workshop.

About the Instructor

Constant Yen is a Toronto-based artist & animator who likes to draw and make things with their hands. Their practice involves creating spontaneous and playful experimental work. Constant’s straight-ahead approach to art and life is driven by intuition and finding comfort in the repetition of looping image sequences. Lately, Constant has been enjoying writing and drawing comics and putting together zines.

Constant’s work has been screened and exhibited in Canada and the US. They are the recipient of the 2021 Malca Litovitz Prize for Creative Writing as well as the Best Anijam Award in the 2021 TAIS Animation Showcase. Presently, Constant is looking for mentorship, new ways to learn and see, and discussions involving experimental animation. They are also working towards finishing their mixed-media stop motion animated short film, which will premiere at the 2022 TAIS Animation Showcase.


Required Materials

  • Smartphone or tablet with Stop Motion Studio (free app) installed

Optional materials:

  • Any props/puppets/materials participants are interested in featuring or animating. (Example: action figure with paper clip, glove with googly eyes, etc.)
  • Wired Earbuds (Can be used as a mic and to click shutter with smartphone camera)
  • Any sort of Tripod/Selfie Stick to hold phone upright, if you’d like

TAIS will have limited supplies of art & craft supplies, paper, stationary, coloured construction paper, sticky notes, and sticky-tack available during the open studio time.

Date and Time


12:00 pm – 06:00 pm


1411 Dufferin Street, Toronto, ON, Canada


Constant Yen